Getting ready for summer

Yesterday for the bank holiday I spent the day at the beach with my friends. It was a really lovely day and I don’t think anything can beat a BBQ on the beach! Having said that, our barbecue skills were not fantastic, mainly because we forgot tongs to flip the meat with so plastic forks were the only implement available and there was copious amounts of sand on about … Continue reading Getting ready for summer

Converse: A Love Story

Converse All Stars are brilliant shoes. You absolutely can’t go wrong with a pair of converse (except maybe with the versions which lace right up the leg, I’m not so sure about those ones, but if you can pull them off, go for it). Whichever colour you choose from the magnificent spectrum that is available, they are cool. The epitome of cool. I have been known to get pretty snobby … Continue reading Converse: A Love Story

Why I will never buy a Kindle!

There is something infinitely more appealing about a book than yet another gadget. Before I continue I would like to say that I’m not opposed to technology in general but this is one occasion where I will not be persuaded that a sterile tablet of technology can triumph over the plain old book, which, I might add, will never need recharging! You just can’t replace the feel of … Continue reading Why I will never buy a Kindle!