Getting ready for summer

Yesterday for the bank holiday I spent the day at the beach with my friends. It was a really lovely day and I don’t think anything can beat a BBQ on the beach! Having said that, our barbecue skills were not fantastic, mainly because we forgot tongs to flip the meat with so plastic forks were the only implement available and there was copious amounts of sand on about half the sausages (needless to say, we didn’t eat those ones). However this only served to add to the hilarity of the occasion and we’ll be experts for next time!


Being in northern England the temperature only reached about 19 degrees Celsius, which definitely is NOT bikini weather but it was nice just to be able to wear a t-shirt and have some skin on show that wasn’t covered in goosepimples. As the weather warms up (hopefully, it’ll stay this way) and the bare legs come out, there is always the annual preparation for wearing a bikini. Firstly, the worry over the little extra tummy roll that has appeared over the winter (I blame Christmas and Easter eggs) and then the blinding whiteness of my skin that never fails to shock me once I get outside (warning: you will need sunglasses).

Whoever you are, I think when it comes round to this time of year, everyone gets at least a little body conscious. However, the other day I read this blog post: Bikini Body. and I thought I should share it because I think more people should take this positive attitude; reading it was really uplifting. There are definitely more important things in life to worry about than how much you weigh or what you look like in a bikini. Remembering the barbecue tongs might be a start!



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