Converse: A Love Story

Converse All Stars are brilliant shoes. You absolutely can’t go wrong with a pair of converse (except maybe with the versions which lace right up the leg, I’m not so sure about those ones, but if you can pull them off, go for it). Whichever colour you choose from the magnificent spectrum that is available, they are cool. The epitome of cool.

I have been known to get pretty snobby about clothes sometimes; as soon as I see too many people wearing something I decide I don’t like it anymore (so shoot me, I realise I’m a massive hypocrite anyway seen as most of my clothes come from high street shops) but converse are one of the few things that I still love even though everyone is wearing them. And I’d even like it if more people wore them!

They are so completely adaptable and versatile, I’m pretty sure you could wear them with almost anything and they would look good. They look fantastic brand new, all clean and bright and hopeful, but, unlike most shoes, they somehow look even better once they’ve worn in a bit and they’ve got some character. Perhaps that’s what makes them so great.

I started wearing them when I was 11, a baby pink pair of high-tops, and I was the first in my class (just thought I’d point that out). Even though one of my classmates remarked, ‘they make your feet look quite big, don’t they?’ (probably a fair conclusion as I had size 5 feet in year 6 so I must have looked like a bit like a clown in whatever shoes I chose) I still wore them and I’m still wearing them now and guess who else is too. Now I’ve been through several pairs in a variety of colours and so has my Mum who started wearing them about the same time as me. They are firmly considered by us both as a ‘timeless classic’ that will always be in style. One of my favourite pairs  were khaki green with a pink lining, although sadly they faded to a bogey colour after I left them out in the sun too many times. So they were discarded for a new pair, and, while it filled me with sadness to throw the well-worn pair out, to be perfectly honest I always look forward to the selection of a new colour! My current pair were actually an excellent find from my local charity shop, classic navy, pristine and unworn, and by some miracle in my size. Who would give them away?? But now these are beginning to look a bit threadbare too and a new pair for summer would be nice… so which colour will it be next?



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