So this is my first ever blog post and to be perfectly honest I’ve got no idea what I’m doing! I’m not even entirely sure what the purpose of this blog will be and I’m kind of hoping that it will come to me in the process. Starting this feels a bit like a leap in the dark and like most of the grand ideas on my ‘list of things to do’ I’m hoping it won’t just fizzle out. Having said that, I imagine that it will become another tool for procrastination from my studies and therefore I’ll probably end up posting on here alot.
So anyway, here I am, starting a blog (I feel a bit like I’ve already failed as I’ve managed to talk about nothing for a good 100 words). I think possibly my main reason for wanting to start one was watching the film ‘Julie & Julia’, a good film by the way, and thinking that it looked like something fun and productive that I would be capable of starting myself…although I’m pretty confident my blog is not going to be about cooking. Also, as an English literature student, a blog seems like it could be suitably literary if I wanted it to be. And thirdly, my Mum and her friends seem to think it would be a good thing to put on my CV, which, even though I’m only in first year at the moment, I am starting to think about with much fear and apprehension having nothing as yet to put on it. I did however point out to my Mum that a blog would only be worth putting on your CV if people actually read it. Yet the thought of being thrown out in the real world to find a ‘proper’ job after I finish my degree is truely terrifying, especially with the current cuts to The Arts making it very difficult to find a job in the field, and so this will be at least an attempt at something I can call an achievement.
The reason that I have chosen now to be the time to actually start my blog is largely down to boredom. On Saturday I was hospitalised for a spontaneous pneumothorax, which is a leak of air from your lung, my right lung to be precise. It was really quite traumatic and is definitely one of the most dramatic things to have happened to me in my eighteen years so far. I was supposed to be returning to university on Sunday for the beginning of term but now I have to recover at home, hence the boredom as I’m essentially an invalid recluse for the next week or so. Thankfully the leak wasn’t big enough to aspirate, and I just need to rest while the hole repairs itself. I cannot tell you how relieved I am to not have to stay in hospital and to not have a huge needle inserted into my lung through my back as a chest drain!!! However not having the aspiration does mean I am still in quite a bit of pain because of the abnormal pressure in my lung and I am very breathless even walking downstairs (you can see how this is quite limiting). All in all though, mostly it seems to be just a great, big inconveience because of not being able to return to uni and I would definitely rather be there right now. On the plus side, as I’ve said, I’ve now started writing this, so maybe something good will come out of it.
Well, I think I’ve rambled on enough for now and I should probably stop. Hopefully my next post will be something of consequence and I’ll find something to write about that might actually be of interest!


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